your laughter
pablo neruda
Take bread away from me, if you wish
Take air away, but
Do not take from me your laughter
Yieun wasn't born into riches, rather they found him. He was one of the lucky ones, adopted by the age of six months he never had the chance to know what it was like to be without parents.

His first memories are of a comfortable life in France, no knowledge of his given name being any different than Jean-Alexandre. Brought into a family who knew nothing of hardships, his life was easy and there was never a day where he could recall he had a need of something that could not be provided. His mother was ever attentive and even though his father never really showed affection in the same way, at least there was his presence.

By his second year of life his father's absence didn't seem to matter too much, his mother and the hired nanny enough to keep him company and keep him busy throughout the days at home. Though he had step-siblings, they only came by on weekends and until Monday arrived and took them away again. Angeline was his first friend. His father wasn't thrilled at the prospect of Alexandre spending his afternoons with Angeline busying himself with activities he'd never see fit for boys, but there wasn't much he could say - not with his mother's encouragement for the two to get along and his elder brother kept busy by his father while Alexandre was still too young to go out for business lunches. Besides, Alexandre wasn't really his son, so there was really no reason for Fabrice to concern himself with him, leaving Sandrine to raise her son as she pleased. She was, after all, the reason he'd given in and decided to hire a Chinese nanny to, at Sandrine's insistence, teach him the language and whatever else they couldn't teach him about the country he was from.

Even when a nanny who looked more like him than his parents did, Alexandre never really questioned his relation to his parents, at least not until age eight. When a puzzled Alexandre stumbled back over to his mother from a park swing asking why the boy on the swing next to him had said that she wasn't his mother, all she had done was glare in his direction, leaving Alexandre briefly in the care of his nanny while she went to "have a word" with the boy's mother. Slowly age brought more clarity and though it was obvious that he wasn't his mother and father's offspring, Alexandre never really brought up any questions. With nothing seeming to be missing, there was no reason to ask questions that might bring up upsetting answers.

Age eight would bring about a change. With his father investing more and more in companies overseas, the decision to relocate the family to the United States was an obvious one. Of course, he still wanted his children to lead a quiet and comfortable life. Rather than relocate to Los Angeles or New York where most of his business was conducted, he moved them to Colorado. So it was decided they would all - ex-wife and nanny included - be moved to Colorado.

Of course the move was hard on them all, having to uproot and relocate to someplace where they had no friends or family, other than those who had been brought along, but at least they knew the language. The first few weeks were a bit rocky, Alexandre coming home to shed tears over how the other children poked fun at how he spoke English. However a few months and a few friends later, Alexandre had no more complaints, at least not until the colder weather set in. He'd already not been fond of the cold back home in France, but here it seemed to be worse. He would always assure himself that the cold would only last for a little while and eventually the spring would come and bring with it new life. The only time his complaints about the cold would cease was on days declared snow days. Those days were spent at home, and if the roads weren't too terrible, Angeline would join him along with his mother and nanny for a day full of movies, books and hot chocolate.

Age brought more attention from his father, granted permission to come along with Gaspard for meetings once he turned twelve. Unlike his elder brother, he was excused from some of these business meets, his own schedule filled with dance classes and dates with his mother - and so his early teens went by, splitting his time between his hobbies, mother and father. It wasn't until the middle of the year that he turned eighteen that Fabrice finally had something to say about his hobbies. Dropping his studies at CU Boulder to instead pursue an entirely different degree in Los Angeles left his father rather cross. He'd always expected both sons to pick up similar work and now that Alexandre had chosen to go a different route, well there was nothing much to do except express his disagreement. His mother on the other hand was nothing but supportive, even going as far to say that his decision to study theater and dance could eventually assist in his father's newest business venture of founding a music label. With both parents appeased, he left for Los Angeles the next month.

Summer in Los Angeles was nothing compared to his life in Colorado, especially not as soon as he'd started dating. With his father visiting California often enough, Alexandre was still invited to come with him to functions or meetings about possible business prospects. One of those functions is where he first met Jinnie. They spent the night chatting until there was no more left to say and they found themselves in her bed instead. An easy start of course didn't make it an isolated incident, Alexandre soon finding himself in Jinnie's bed more than his own.

It only took a two months for the relationship to go sour. Jinnie he'd come to find wasn't as nice as he'd first believed. Arguing and being pressured into sex weren't exactly what he looked for in a relationship. Their days were numbered, but before Alexandre could break things off right, Jinnie made sure they went out with a bang (and not a good one) when she'd invited someone else into her bed.

Cameron was someone he'd met on campus and had since grown close to. He'd probably grown into what could be considered a best friend. Even so, his best friend wasn't exactly someone who he could ever picture himself kissing - at least not until drunken urging from friends at a party had made it happen. With his relationship with Jinnie ended, feelings of closeness with Cameron soon developed into lust, leaving Alexandre confused. A few more instances involving kisses were enough to clear up any confusion.

The relationship was sweet, at least in its early days. Throughout the development of this relationship, they'd never really bothered to define it as anything, and when Alexandre had finally thought to ask, he immediately regretted it.

Cameron's rage at the topic turned into outright insults that left Alexandre stunned. It was a couple of days before either contacted each other, Cameron finally coming around to apologize and things resumed as they had been before - until they again weren't. Things continued for about two years like this with Cameron, deteriorating more and more as Cameron's priorities became alcohol and drugs.

That seemed to be the last straw, at least until Alexandre gave in to Cameron's pleas eventually. That summer they planned a vacation to Mexico. It was supposed to signify a new start, but Alexandre had no idea that it'd signify an end for one of them at least.

Yieun Problems didn't take long to come about once more, but Alexandre tried his best to be patient, at least until they were home in Los Angeles again. Cameron had of course wanted to visit all the places overflowing with tourists - and to avoid issues Alexandre had agreed to visit most of them - at least until the sixth day into their two week vacation. He wanted to go somewhere else, somewhere that wasn't a beach overflowing with drunk college kids vacationing. After much persuasion, he was able to get Cameron to come along. The change in scenery was much needed, Alexandre finally enjoying himself for the first time in days since they'd arrived. Even with Cameron accompanying him silently, he didn't mind. His reprieve wasn't to last too long however, the ground beneath his feet the first sign that something was wrong. The last thing he'd remember were the screams of people scurrying trying their best to run from what was to come, even if it was in vain.

It was about two weeks later than Alexandre found himself back in Los Angeles on a hospital bed, his mother by his side. He'd eventually come to find that he was the only survivor within a 25 kilometer radius. That much answered that Cameron hadn't made it.

It was easier to delve back into his studies that he thought it would have been. Focusing on school and his newfound abilities were quite enough to keep him to himself, isolated as he learned about what he could do. So his life went, happy to keep to himself outside of classes, until a year later, he finally accepted one of his father's invitations again.

The party was just as any other he had remembered attending before. Only this one had in attendance someone he'd never seen before. What he hadn't expected was for that same stranger to come along and ask him what the locale's address was, to have a pizza delivered, and proceed to offend the food his father had chosen for the event. He'd expected Kelvin to cease conversation after that, but oddly enough they kept talking, well after the pizza had been delivered, even taking a few slices for himself.

When it seemed like luck was back on his side, Alexandre only found himself disappointed when he'd not hear from Kelvin for about a month. Still, worse things had happened, so once more he delved into finishing his studies and working on building himself a place in the industry. Once more, things were going well, but he didn't know they could get better.

It was an event he had only decided to come to since his sister had asked that she accompany him. The wedding was quite grand, though he couldn't help but feel slightly bitter about the whole ordeal, what with his own love life. Though, he never thought he'd find the remedy to his bleak love life at a wedding. Kelvin was there and while he'd thought it best to avoid him, somehow things concluded differently. It turned out a misunderstanding - Kelvin believing he was dating his sister had caused the rift. The reunion was filled with laughter and good conversation. Good enough for to find himself living the next few years of his life with.

In love once more and this time in good hands, those few years were ones he wanted to multiply - at the very least, til death do them part.

⤑ name jean-alexandre le roux ⤑ date of birth 4th september 1994 ⤑ birthplace shanghai, china ⤑ hometown paris, france ⤑ aspen, colorado ⤑ current residence(s) hawaii, new york, california ⤑ occupation choreographer/dance instructor ⤑ education CU Boulder & UCLA ⤑ relationship status accounted for ⤑ personality virgo ⤑ transportation BMW i8, Audi A5 Cabriolet, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ⤑ career based on yannis marshall
Embodiment of the Aztec god Xiuhtecuhtli he was endowed with quite a few abilities upon his rebirth. With abilities based on a god of duality he has the ability to bring about death while at the same time being able to heal. Death-related abilities also categorize him as a sort of necromancer, giving him an ability to communicate with and summon the spirits of the dead or reanimate what has died - though once dead, he's unable to restore life.

Fortunately as a god of fire, heat and named Lord of Volcanoes, it's granted Alexandre control over volcanoes and their properties as well as the ability to form new ones. As long as a volcano is considered active, he's able to control them with ease - however as of now, dormant volanoes have been a bit trickier.

volcan 🌋 Volcano Generation
🌋 Magma Manipulation
🌋 Eruption Enducement
🌋 Volcanic Fields Manipulation
🌋 Heat Absorption
🌋 Volcanic Adaptation
🌋 Ash Manipulation
🌋 Poison Gas Generation
🔒 Heat Generation
🔒 Tectonic Plate Manipulation
🔒 Earthquake Generation

facts • "Children" consist of: Charleston, Oreo, Victoria, Spotty and Dotty.

• Abhors the cold. Anything below 50 degrees fahrenheit usually has him bunding up in at least a light jacket.

• Enjoys gaming and can get pretty competitive.

• He's mostly only called Yieun by his nanny.

• Choreographer for Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity production.

• He began dancing in heels in 2013 when his cabaret class complained about them. Challenge accepted and completed.

• Trained in jazz, contemporary, hip-hop/street style, with a focus on jazz and contemporary.

• Teaches street jazz, lyrical jazz and cabaret.

• Owns his own studio, Fantasmer, in Los Angeles.

• Owns 75 pairs of heels.

• Usually choreographs in the early mornings, starting as early as three in the a.m.

• Speaks French, Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently. Both his English and Cantonese/Mandarin are accented.

• Sleeps (and choreographs) in the nude.

• Favorite artists include Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Prince, etc.

• He has a sweet tooth and has made it his goal to visit any and every bakery or sweet shop he finds.

• Not too knowledgable in the kitchen, but enjoys watching cooking shows and trying out recipes when he can. He plans to enlist in a cooking class one day (one he plans to make Kelvin tag along for) to better his cooking skills.

• Loves animals and would've liked to own a parrot, but figured with three dogs another pet would be pushing it.

• Collects sea glass and shells he finds on the beach.

Fabrice La Roux: 65
Adoptive father. Not entirely proud of his son's personal choices, but tolerance is aided by opportunities for business ventures.

Sandrine La Roux: 44
Adoptive mother. As her only "child," she tries to keep in touch and persuade him to visit back in Colorado often - unless it's a holiday, persuasion never succeeds during winter months.

Isabella Brisbois: 65
Step-mother. Their relationship is neither good or bad, but since his mother's the reason behind her divorce, she's never viewed him fondly - still, she remains civil.

Angeline La Roux: 27
Step-sister. They always got along well - to the point that some people have surmised they were a couple rather than step-siblings. They keep in touch and she visits when he's down in LA every now and then.

Gaspard La Roux: 32
Step-brother. His father's favorite, but there's never been a sense of competition between the two. They get along, but with how busy Gaspard is, they don't keep in touch too often, mostly only seeing each other during family get togethers or events which they both attend.